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Harmony Harbor

A website that helps people make sustainable food choices by providing information about the carbon footprint of different foods, local and seasonal options, and recipes that minimize waste




Major League Hacking Project


Mazz Febra (Designer)
Valentina Perez (Front-End Developer)

Project goal

The goal was to create a website dedicated to providing users with knowledge and tools to make a positive impact on their health and the environment. By navigating our website, our main focus was to make it possible for users to learn the importance of choosing to eat plant-based and the sustainable effects of having a plant-based diet.

In addition to this, we also wanted users to be able to find simple and easy-to-make recipes that are plant-based and low carbon recipes for any moment of the day. Once they find a recipe that they would like to try out, they can learn more about the recipe such as a description, what ingredients it contains, and its nutritional values.

Technologies Used

We used Adobe XD for the wireframe, HTML and CSS for the website structure and styling, and JavaScript for the website functionality.

How it was created

Our inspiration for the project came from the fact that carbon footprint is a personal impact that each of us make on the planet and the type of food that we consume contributes to our total carbon footprint. After doing research, we saw that there's been studies that have concluded that eating plant-based meals is part of living a more sustainable lifestyle and can help reduce carbon emissions generated by the meat and dairy industries. Because of this, we decided to create a project that not only promotes plant-based meals but that also raises awareness on sustainability and educates people on eco-friendly practices and responsible sourcing.

We started off by designing a high-fidelity wireframe of the website on Adobe XD. Once the design was finalized, we used HTML and CSS to create the website and JavaScript to add the functionality to see the ingredients of a recipe when you click on it. There were certain features that we wanted to implement into our project but given the allotted time, we decided to focus on fleshing out the concept and completing the front-end portion. Near the end we did run short on time so were not able to finish everything that we had originally planned for the project.

Even though we were not able to finish everything that was originally planned, we had a fun time working together on our project and we're proud that we were able to finish the front-end aspect of the website, and win the Best Sustainability Hack category sponsored by Avanade.

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