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Rebranding & designing a new website for the relaunch of Burple




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Project goal

The goal of the project was to rebrand a defunct brand to modern day design standards and then relaunch it as part of a new marketing campaign. Developing Burple's new brand identity involved designing a new logo and website, updating their brand guidelines, creating promotional content, and making mockups for their labels and packaging.

Technologies Used

I used Adobe Illustrator for the logo and labels, Adobe XD for the wireframes and prototyping, Adobe InDesign for the brand guidelines, Adobe After Effects for the commercial, Cinema 4D for the 3D modelling, HTML and CSS for the website structure and styling, and JavaScript for the website functionality.

How it was created

To start off, I began doing research on Burple to see if I could find anything from when it was operating so that I could familiarize myself with the brand and have some references when going through the rebranding process. Once I found information on their products and found images of what their logo and packaging looked like back then, I began brainstorming ideas and conceptualizing.

The logo underwent several variations before being finalized. I experimented with various styles and sketched out any ideas that came to my head. I then used Adobe Illustrator to create SVG versions of the top three logo variations that I felt resonated with the brand the most. After finalizing the logo design, I tried out different colour palettes and explored typography options for the brand, while also getting started on a low fidelity wireframe for the website, using Adobe XD.

Once everything started coming together and I had finalized the branding, I continued fleshing out the design of the website and began working on 3D modelling the cans using Cinema 4D. With the shape of the can modelled, I then started designing the label for the can and packaging using Adobe Illustrator. After these components were completed, I was able to render promotional images of the products with the 3D models created that would then be used for the website. In addition to this, the 3D models were also animated in Cinema 4D then brought into Adobe After Effects to put together a short commercial to advertise the product. With all of the assets, content, and high fidelity wireframe done, I took the website design that I created in Adobe XD and then created the actual website and basic functionality using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Last but not least, I wrote the brand guidelines using Adobe InDesign.

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