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Hi there! Nice to meet you. I'm Valentina Perez,

A web developer
& UI designer based in London, ON

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A little more about me and what I do.

I'm a web developer and UI designer that's passionate about creating beautiful interfaces, and developing websites that are interactive and user friendly.

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I'm currently based in London, ON and have been here for most of my life. While my main focus is developing websites, I have also been working on personal projects to hone my back-end skills and learn new things to incorporate into future projects to make them the best they can be.

I love collaborating with others on exciting projects, problem solving, and bringing ideas into fruition. Web development is an ever growing passion of mine and I'm constantly keeping myself updated on the latest to improve my skills and continue learning. When I'm not developing websites, you'll most likely find me participating in hackathons, exploring the outdoors, listening to music, reading, or playing video games.

If you're interested in chatting or discussing a project with me, feel free to reach out and contact me. I'd love to hear from you!

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Whether it's a business inquiry, just to chat, or to say hello, don't hesitate to reach out!